Why You Shouldn’t Drop Your Landline Just Yet

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which regularly tracks telephone usage, says the number of U.S. households relying only on cellular devices for phone service jumped to more than 35 percent by the first half of 2012 from about … Continue reading

10 Ways Physicians Can Help Family Caregivers

Sometimes, it’s the family and friends you think will help that don’t. And, sometimes it’s the physician. In our 2014 Annual Family Caregiver Survey, only 13% of respondents said that a physician has been most helpful to them. Given how … Continue reading

Senior Technology: 5 Facts About How Post 50s Are Using The Internet

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35 Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents

Their Home Is your home still appropriate for you now that you’re getting older? Can you manage the stairs, or would you do better on one level? Does your home have any safety hazards? Could simple modifications to your home … Continue reading