Azalea Estates Fayetteville, Georgia

Azalea Estates provides a safe, friendly, very caring environment for the elderly. In addition, my mom is very pleased with the 24 hour on duty nurse and the great exercise program offered to the residents. All employees, and especially Bobbie, has gone out of their way to provide a home-like place to live.

Posted by Pam38

The care givers at Azalea have long term work at this facility and give very loving care. I have seen nor heard anyone being mistreated. The nursing care provided is excellent also. They provide many fun activities that my Mother thoroughly enjoys. She has resided here for six years: We have people respond when they see her ‘when I need to move into assisted living please place me here’.

Posted by Sue, satisfied daughter

Azalea Estates of Fayetteville is excellent. The facility is clean and absolutely gorgeous. She took an immediate liking to it, so we chose the facility. The food is excellent, and she told me she is gaining weight. They have great recreational activities. They even have a heated swimming pool and a covered area where they can do water therapy. They have exercise equipment. They do movie nights, and they have a veteran celebration. They keep the residents busy all the time.

Posted by Debbie

My 89 year old Mom went kicking and screaming into Azalea Estates! It was heartbreaking to see! Within a week the people were nice, it was a nice place, maybe she needed to be there. Within two weeks she wanted to put her house on the market! It has been three months and she is really happy. She is brighter, more alert and making friends! She goes to some exercise classes and takes part in many of the activities. Azalea Estates is a warm, friendly place. Every staff member we’ve come in contact with is caring and helpful. Cannot say enough about it!

Posted by Jessielee

My mother-in-law was a resident of Azalea Estates for five weeks, and then she died. Our experience was totally positive. Everything about it was wonderful. They were very helpful; they treated her very well. It was clean. The food was good.

Posted by Judy

“Our family is delighted with the care that our relative receives at Azalea Estates. I am there frequently and I see first-hand how consistently caring and compassionate the staff is — and they make it a fun place to live. If the time comes that I cannot live alone, I’d be thrilled to reside at Azalea Estates.”

“We love Azalea Estates! Great people in a warm, caring environment.”

“My mother moved into Azalea Estates in 2005 and has been very happy since that time. She has received outstanding care, met many new friends, and participates in numerous activities. She proudly says “Azalea Estates is my home!”

“Azalea Estates has an incredible staff that is caring and loving to all of the residents. The food is superb.”

“The staff treats the residents with a lot of respect.”

“Loved ones moving to an assisted living facility have often been through a frightening time already, making the move more traumatic for them. My mother had lost not only the child she lived next to (allowing her to stay in her own home), but her daughter was also her best friend. Upon moving closer to me, she was moving farther away from her friends and church of 35 years. It was terribly difficult! We visited many places, but the staff at Azalea Estates made us feel as if it was indeed possible for Mom to call a new place “home”. They took such care to make her feel welcome, listen to her needs, and make her feel loved. The facility is always beautifully maintained and decorated, the meals well prepared and delicious, and there are many fitness activities and fun games taking place in which the residents can participate, if they so desire. I feel like the staff is an extension of my own family and am forever grateful that my mom is there.”

“I had more personal contact with the director in Azalea Estates. The staff is very good. The room was exactly what we needed.”

“I generally felt pleased with this facility. I have been to few assisted living facilities in my life, mostly for community service projects or something along those lines. However, this visit I knew someone there, my then-girlfriend’s great aunt. She seemed to be well taken care of and had nothing to complain about. She was pleased with the facilities, the workers, the dining, and activities. The building was new and well-maintained by the staff. The workers were all very friendly in helping us get around the building and finding who we were looking for. She said the food was good and that she could actually eat it without feeling terrible. Also, she said that she enjoyed the company of the other residents as well. They were great to talk to at meal times and were all generally great to play games and activities with.”