Benefits of Moving to Our Community

For many Seniors, the greatest benefit is safety. If your loved one is frail, visually impaired or unsteady on his or her feet, living with others can serve as a safety net. There will be people around to help her walk, be another set of eyes, or even just help her up from a chair. If she has an accident, a health emergency or a fall, she will not be alone for long. There are emergency response systems in each apartment, and a lifeline or pendant to wear to call for help.

While one never wants to think about security risks of a neighborhood, at our community your loved ones are in a protected environment, which adds to peace of mind for them and their family members.

Friendship and Interaction

As we begin to reach our later years our spouses and friends begin to pass away. If we are unable to drive, it may be harder to see the loved ones we still have remaining. If we have lost a spouse, we may have lost our best friend. Isolation can be debilitating for a Senior with depression, health issues or memory loss. At Azalea Estates we provide a constant source of friendships for your loved one.

Family Roles Restored

A very powerful, yet real benefit of assisted living is the restoration of family roles. That is, a spouse who has been acting as a caregiver or nurse to her husband, can get back to being a wife. A daughter who has perhaps abandoned the needs of her own children to care for her ailing parents will be able to resume the role of wife, mother and her role as daughter once again.

Healthy Dining

As we age it becomes harder to shop for groceries and prepare meals. If your family member lives alone, the idea of cooking for one becomes challenging. We offer healthy dining so that you know your Senior is getting the nutrition needed on a daily basis.

Wellness and Exercise

Living at home in isolation from others is depressing for many. As a result, Seniors become much more sedentary and unmotivated to do what they know they need to do, which is exercise their minds and bodies on a consistent basis. At Azalea Estates we do not let that happen. There are constant stimulation programs that we encourage and assist our residents to participate in which improves and lengthens their quality of life.


One of the biggest benefits of moving to an assisted living environment is the elimination of housework. Cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and all of the other tasks that go along with maintaining a home are done by our staff. The only thing left for our residents to do is enjoy their time.

Transportation Needs Resolved

Driving, while often seen as a sign of independence by the elderly, can present a danger to most older adults, and to other people on the road. At Azalea Estates transportation to doctor’s appointments, shopping, recreation and even sometimes visiting friends is provided.

Seniors often feel trapped in their homes or isolated from the outside. Our transportation services also free up family members who have been driving their parents everywhere for essential needs.


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