Comments about our Wellness Program from
of our Residents at Azalea Estates.

Resident Marie Benton’s favorite part of the Wellness Center is the Above the Belt class. She says it “helps keep me strong.” She also enjoys the “water aerobics program, it helps me get closer towards my goal of walking independently again!”

“I enjoy the Strength Training classes and believe the wellness program has helped decrease my chances of falling, especially the Balance class” claims resident Ruth Brown.

Resident Hilda Vandor says that “all the classes are important for my overall health. I need to take the exercises to help me maintain my independence.”

“The entire wellness program is great, but my favorite is the water aerobics program” expressed Gloria Birdsong. “The whole program helps keep me limber and reduces my pain.”

When asked about the wellness program at Azalea Estates, resident Louise Johnson says “it’s a success story and that anything offered should be taken advantage of, everyone should do it all!”

Art Rogers was happy to share his thoughts on the program. “I love how the program helps keep your joints moving. I see how it has helped, not only myself, but others that attend. I can definitely tell a difference when I can’t attend a class.”

“I’m not a morning person,” shares Joanne Smallwood. “That’s why I enjoy the afternoon classes, especially Below the Belt. I feel it has kept me mobile. When I can’t attend in the mornings, I still do my arm exercises in my room.”

“I love the entire program, but especially the treadmill” says Eddie Gibson. “I wouldn’t be walking without the program. I definitely can tell when I miss a few classes.”

Resident Joe Estes says “I have a hard time choosing a favorite class or exercise. They all keep me in my best physical condition. I love the balancing machine and treadmill. I also love the leg press machine, it helps keep my legs strong.”

When asked about the Wellness Center, resident Melba Benefield says “I love it all! I can really tell a difference when I don’t participate regularly.”

“It keeps me going and helps encourage me not to give up,” shared Kathleen Boyd while talking about the Wellness Program. “I can’t tell you why, but I love the Balance Class!”

Beverly Benson enjoys “the daily repetition of classes and exercises. It really helps to loosen me up and helps me to feel better.”

“I love all the classes,” says Betty Jo Bowen with a smile. “The benefit me a lot, especially balance class. It helps keep me moving.”

“I really enjoy the leg exercises and how they help me to be able to use my legs,” says Alice Mullins. “The classes make me feel good!”

“I can’t really tell you a favorite class,” says Nettie McDonald. “I enjoy the Below the Belt class as well as Sittersize. These classes help me to continue to be mobile at 101. I also really enjoy Target Toss. It allows me to be competitive with Joe!”

When Betty Hall talks about the wellness center she will tell anyone how she “can definitely tell a difference in my legs and arms strength by coming to Wellness Classes. They have helped me to keep moving and I want to do better! I think being offered the variety of Wellness Classes is the best thing we have here at Azalea!”

After one session resident Jack McClanahan said “strength training is my favorite. Exercising helps me to relax and I believe also helps keep me mentally sharp!”

Pauline Jones doesn’t always get to participate, but she “wishes I could come more often. It’s the most wonderful thing we have here!”

Emma Floyd thought for a minute about her favorite wellness program. “If I had to choose one, I’d say the water aerobics. I don’t get to come as often as I should, but I know it keeps me going. When I don’t exercise, my legs hurt, so I know it’s important to come.”

“I think it’s really good that we have the Wellness Center,” says Phyllis Erickson. “Otherwise we would just sit and do nothing, and I don’t want to do nothing!”

“I like Above the Belt. I know it helps me and I want to keep doing it because I believe it will help my shoulders,” says Anne Reynolds.

“I really like and enjoy the classes” says Myrtle Sanford. “They help me move faster! That old saying ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’ is true!”

“The wellness program keeps me agile,” says Bonnie Sharp. “It helps me to walk up right, it keeps me strong and it helps keep me going!”

“I love the pool, it’s the reason I came to Azalea” states Shirley Rice. “The pool is the reason I haven’t had to have my knee replaced, and that’s coming from my doctor!” When asked what she likes about the pool she said “I tell anyone it’s not too deep, we’ve got and instructor to teach us and it keeps you moving!”

Florence Schultz says her favorite wellness class is “the pool. It’s done me a lot of good. My back and legs don’t hurt me as much. It’s kept me going!”


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